Zaang is a marketing services company incorporated in Bangalore, India. Our primary line of business includes marketing, publishing, personal branding, events, product launches, exhibitions, and business conferences.

We’ve conducted exhibitions at IT parks and Apartment complexes, and business conferences and fashion shows across India.

Our experiences are varied and so are our clients. While we provide end-to-end solutions for our clients, our whole focus is on understanding our client needs so that we can serve them better.

While working with us, you will realize that we are an enthusiastic bunch where events and marketing is not just our business, it’s our passion.

Our Vision

abstract thinking

Our vision is to be a learning organization that strives to be the best in every business it is involved in.

While we strive to maintain good financial health and increase shareholder value of the organization, we also endeavor to build great character in our men and women.

We are NOT just known by the value of our products and services, we are known for the character we’ve built in the men and women who’ve chosen to work in our organization.

We believe ideas and intellect rule over hierarchy. Every employee is encouraged to learn, grow, and articulate ideas and solutions.

Our people choose to work with us not just for financial rewards, but for life lessons.

Our ideal team member is:

  • Highly teachable
  • Service minded
  • Puts team above self
  • Never abandons his team when the team needs him/her
  • Supportive of other players on the team, and looks to win or lose as a team
  • Gets the best out of his team mates

Company Philosophy

For our sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors, and marketing clients – Help them achieve their marketing goals.

For our event attendees, social network users, blog readers – Help them fulfill their entertainment, content, education, social and/or networking goals.

For our investors – An above average return on their investment

For our employees – Life and learning experiences in a positive and stimulating work environment.

Vinil Ramdev

An entrepreneur and marketer, he excels at communications and building niche communities. Brings over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Kiran Ramakrishna
Content Specialist

Has helped retail and travel brands in over 3 continents by delivering high quality localized and search optimized multilingual text.

Nihanth Kandimalla

He handles all the bugs and fixes for all our websites. A typical IT guy who pays close attention to detail.